With a traditional Indian welcome “Namastee” . Meghdutam Travels with joint promotion with Incredible India presents worlds biggest Socio Cultural event “Durga Puja” which takes place every year in the month of October in the city of “Kolkata” on the Eastern fringe of India , a land of rich cultural heritage where great eminent International stalwarts contribution reflects from Raja Rammohan Roy , the pioneer of modern Indian Renaissance ; spiritual genius of commanding intellect & power Swami Vivekanada ; Bengali poet & novelist Rabindranath Tagore , the first non European to be awarded Noble prize for literature in 1913 ; most dynamic military leader of India’s independence Subhash Chandra Bose ; the greatest film maker of the 20th century Satyajit Ray ; and the real time mother of the poor and destitute Mother Teresa , founder of the missionaries of charity only to name a few.

This week long autumnal festival of Bengal is a shinning example of secularism and the most vibrant , artistic , colorful with immense human interaction event of the world which is why it has been termed as the biggest Socio Cultural event of the world.

It is more than a festival or carnival. It is a power of rejuvenation , reunion , unabashed fervor , mother of joy , happiness and love among people from all religion , caste and creed. It is an opportunity to step out of the drudgery of everyday life and experience spiritual joy , a philosophy that does not distance religion but embraces people closer.

This event is a year long involvement & planning of conceiving a theme from ancient mythology to modern arts and executing and commissioning into temporary structures of around 400 of them in the entire city which are made of bamboo , cloth , decorative items , straw , earthen and wastage material are called “Pandals” with the help of artisians & skilled craftsman who work for at least six months every year to give it a shape.

Durga Puja is a platform of art which is an expression of the society and is nourished & enriched by the existence of creative , expressive and innovative community which you will experience while exploring Durga Puja with its creation of awe inspiring Pandals , thematic lights & idols , festive cheers and participation which easily runs short of superlatives to describe the beauty of it in all fashions.

Mother Durga or fondly known as “Maa Durga ” is the feminine energy or Shakti of force , power and the warrior aspect of divine mother. She emerged from the pool of light to fight the demon “Mahisasur” who has unleashed a rein of terror on earth , heaven and astral world and was undefeated even by gods. In the encounter , Mahisasur underestimated Durga , thinking how a woman can kill him as he had the blessings of Brahma , the creator of the world , who had blessed him of not to be defeated by a man. He rampaged against her changing forms , but was eventually paralyzed by the extreme light emitting from Mother Durga standing on her lion mount , wielding ten different weapons in her ten hands.

People gather to worship and offer mantras in ‘Sanskrit’ worlds oldest language accompanied by the rhythmic beats of the ritual drummers ‘The Dhakis’ who showers their skills during the rituals ‘Aarti’ with smell of incense sticks and flowers , creating perfect atmosphere & blend of Durga Puja. The deity is worshiped for 5 days with utmost love and respect and on the last day known as Bijoya Dashmi , married woman intertwine with each other smearing vermillion , praying for long and happy married life is known as ‘Sindur Khela’ , worlds most emotional and sensitive feminine wish to each other. The idols are then immersed into the Holy Ganges with loud chants of glory of mother to revisit next year. People embraces each other and sweets are offered.

Every body in ones life time must experience this biggest Socio Cultural event where the entire city of Kolkata transforms into worlds biggest open art gallery with around 400 Pandals each depicting a unique theme delivering a master piece of art.

Another important place is Kumartoli …the traditional porters headquarters of idol artisans which is worlds biggest that offers a unique dose of culture. The narrow maze of lanes and alleyways teamed with humanity , Gods and Goddess in various states of creation and wandering through them and seeing artists at work reveals a fascinating world . within a world right in front of you.

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